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Local Service Providers - West Island of Montreal, Quebec

Option-Eco-Option - provides organic fertilizing, weed and pest programs. Located at 65 Donegani, Point Claire, QC, H9R 2V9. Phone: (514) 693-9550 or (514) 693-9555. Fax (514) 694-3245.  email:
* Eco BUG DOCTOR Inc. provides pest control strategies and technologies that optimizes health for humans and the environment. e-mail: phone: (514) 422-8457 address: 2040 Parkfield, Dorval, QC, H9P 1T9
NIC (Natural Insect Control)  on-line sale of pest control products from Ontario.
* Nature-Action Québec - service and education provider based in St. Bruno, Québec.
Jean Brunet - organic product distributor in Montreal's West Island. Sells Organo-Veg in granular and liquid, yuca, fulvic and humic acid, mycorhiza, compost teas, beneficial insects, seaweed basalt, rock phosphate, mica. Phone: 453-7937 Email:  
Green Communities Association - Home (Energy) performance experts.
BIOPLAN Stefan Sobkowiak, Wildlife Habitat Designer (Concepteur d'habitats fauniques). Designing, planning and consulting to attract birds. (Conception, planification et consultation dans le but d'attirer les oiseaux.) Phone: (514) 830-9640. Address: 1713 Leclair, Verdun, Québec, Canada, H4H 2M9. Email:

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Organic lawn care and gardening

* Go for Green - The Active Living & Environment Program based in Ottawa. Provides many useful fact sheets on Pesticide dangers, alternatives, organic gardening, etc. 
The Pesticide Education Network (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)  offers pamphlets approved by the Region of Ottawa-Carleton and the Ottawa-Carleton Health Department on Ecological Lawn Care, Non-grass Ground Covers, and Non-toxic Control of White Grubs.
Gardener's Net Organic Gardening - provides useful information on alternatives to pesticides, and much more.
Immune Web Organic Lawn Care Guide: For a Vital, Healthy, Safe, and Living Yard

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* la Coalition pour les alternatives aux pesticides/Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides
Toxic Alert - Poison In The Grass: The Hazards And Consequences Of Lawn Pesticides Prevent cancer by fighting pollution
The Ontario College of Family Physicians Pesticides Literature Review (Apr. 2004) provides a systematic review of pesticide human health effects. 
Sierra Club - pesticides
The Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP) a coalition of US. state attorneys general and more than 180 environmental groups fighting to change the federal law so that pesticide labels reveal all ingredients. Provides thought- provoking health and environment studies.
Panna Resources - studies regarding pesticide health risks 
Scorecard  a site administered by the U.S.-based Environmental Defence Fund. You can enter the name of virtually any herbicide or pesticide and the site will rank its toxicity and provide a list of potential side-effects. 
Survey of Pesticide Use Policies and By-Laws For Different Municipalities in Canada and the Western U.S., from summer 2002 
Pesticide Free Ontario coalition of Ontario citizen groups connecting on a provincial level to work towards the elimination of urban pesticide
The Nature of Things Toxic House describes hazards of indoor pollution, largely created by the synthetic and organic chemicals that are a part of our daily lives
Réglements municipaux de Beaconsfield concernant les pesticides (français)
Beaconsfield municipal pesticide regulations

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Environment Canada Composting Page - provides a great how-to guide to composting. Details on how to build, feed and maintain your composter, and includes sections on getting started, helpful hints and troubleshooting.

The Gardener's supply Company explains in great detail the process of composting and various models of composters.
Composting for Home Gardens - a more advanced and technical page on composting. This explains in much greater detail the process of composting and provides information on a number of different approaches, including some using very basic materials such as plastic garbage bags.
* The Composting Council of Canada - how-to information as well as info about the composting industry in Canada. 

* Le Conseil Canadien du Compostage (en français) explique comment faire le  compostage. Aussi le centre de références et de réseau national pour l'industrie du compostage

Vermicomposting a wiki (a collaborative) web-site for sharing info about vermicomposting

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Various environmental sites

The Green Lane Home Page - from the Environment Canada
Rachel's Environment and Health Newsletter  - environment activism
Worldwatch Institute Home Page
Pesticide-Free Ontario

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Local info sources in and around Beaconsfield

  • MacDonald campus of McGill University has a vast selection of materials on pesticides at the library in the Barton Building ((514) 398-7877) and at the Ecological Agricultural Projects (EAP) resource centre ((514) 398-7771).  Photocopiers are available.  They also provide some very useful & free consultation services on pest control. Phone for opening hours.
  • The Beaconsfield Library ((514) 428-4473, Reference Section) has a copy of the "Environment Binder", a collection of information sheets and booklets assembled by the Beaconsfield Environment Committee.  Please feel free to photocopy and pass them on.
  • The Beaconsfield Library has a good selection of books and magazines on organic gardening, composting, healthy lawn care, pesticides, etc.  Ask the Reference Librarian for a copy of the "Healthy Gardens...Healthy Lawns...Healthy Living" bibliography.
  • The Beaconsfield Public Works Department (300 Beaurepaire Drive, (514) 428-4500) has photocopies available on alternatives to pesticides.  Ask at the reception desk for your free copy.
  • The Beaconsfield Engineering Department ((514) 428-4430) has copies of the Beaconsfield Pesticide Bylaw available upon request.
  • Environment Canada Documentation Center has many information sheets available to the public free of charge.  Visit them at the Complex Guy Favreau, West Tower, 6th floor, or phone Lise Lacharité at (514) 496-6851.
  • The book "Pesticide Bylaws: Why we need them; how to get them" is available by phoning Meryl Hammond of Citizens for Alternatives to Pesticides (C.A.P.) at (514) 457-3437.

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