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Service Providers

NIC (Natural Insect Control)  on-line sale of pest control products from Ontario.
* Nature-Action Québec - service and education provider based in St. Bruno, Québec.

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Organic lawn care and gardening

Gardener's Net Organic Gardening - provides useful information on alternatives to pesticides, and much more.
Immune Web Organic Lawn Care Guide: For a Vital, Healthy, Safe, and Living Yard

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The Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP) a coalition of US. state attorneys general and more than 180 environmental groups fighting to change the federal law so that pesticide labels reveal all ingredients. Provides thought- provoking health and environment studies.
Panna - Pesticides: The Big Picture - information regarding myths and facts 
Scorecard  a site administered by the U.S.-based Environmental Defence Fund. You can enter the name of virtually any herbicide or pesticide and the site will rank its toxicity and provide a list of potential side-effects. 

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Various environmental sites

The Gardener's supply Company explains in great detail the process of composting and various models of composters.

* Le Conseil Canadien du Compostage (en français) explique comment faire le  compostage. Aussi le centre de références et de réseau national pour l'industrie du compostage

Rachel's Environment and Health Newsletter  - environmental activism

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Local info sources in and around Beaconsfield

  • MacDonald campus of McGill University has a vast selection of materials on pesticides at the library in the Barton Building ((514) 398-7877) and at the Ecological Agricultural Projects (EAP) resource centre ((514) 398-7771).  Photocopiers are available.  They also provide some very useful & free consultation services on pest control. Phone for opening hours.
  • The Beaconsfield Library ((514) 428-4460, Reference Section) has a copy of the "Environment Binder", a collection of information sheets and booklets assembled by the Beaconsfield Environment Committee.  Please feel free to photocopy and pass them on.
  • The Beaconsfield Library has a good selection of books and magazines on organic gardening, composting, healthy lawn care, pesticides, etc.  Ask the Reference Librarian for a copy of the "Healthy Gardens...Healthy Lawns...Healthy Living" bibliography.
  • The Beaconsfield Public Works Department (300 Beaurepaire Drive, (514) 428-4500) has photocopies available on alternatives to pesticides.  Ask at the reception desk for your free copy.
  • The Beaconsfield Engineering Department ((514) 428-4430) has copies of the Beaconsfield Pesticide Bylaw available upon request.

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