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What you can do

Your lifestyle

Things you can do to be earth friendly:

  1. Practice responsible organic lawn care and organic gardening.  Use ecologically-safe methods of pest control for your own home and garden.
  2.  Find out about locally available organic gardening products and services.
  3. Continue to educate yourself (and your friends) about pesticide issues. Talk to your neighbors and spread the word about the hazards of pesticide use.
  4. Plant more trees ... they clean the air and add oxygen.  Call the city if you'd like a free tree planted on city property.  
  5. Recycle, reuse or donate objects you no longer need.
  6. Compost kitchen and garden-waste material - fruit and vegetable peels, leaves, grass clippings...
  7. B-B-M-W  bike, take the bus or metro, or walk.  Organize errands to minimize car use.
  8. Encourage birds, bees, bats and friendly bugs by hanging feeders, suitable homes and planting native plants and bushes for food, shelter or for protection in your garden.
  9. Store used paint cans, batteries etc. until Hazardous Waste collection days.
  10. Use homemade natural product based cleansers around the home.  Natural ingredients include vinegar, borax, soap flakes, lemon juice and tea tree oil.
  11. Conserve water.  Repair dripping taps and runnning toilets.  Water lawns and gardens less frequently by planting ground covers and using mulch.
  12. Save electricity.  Turn off lights in unused rooms, use less hot water.

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Community action                 

  1. Let your Beaconsfield and Montreal councillors know that you want a safe pesticide-free environment for yourself and your children. Write letters, phone, e-mail, attend council meetings.  

  2. Join or start an organization dealing with environmental actions in your community, schools, parks or workplace. 


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